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Austin Laser Med Spa – Amore Laser of Austin. Providing the Most Effective Laser Treatments. Laser Hair Removal, Bio Slimming Body Wraps, Skin & Beauty Treatments.

Laser Hair Removal and Cosmetic Laser Treatments

When our Med Spa Amore Laser of Austin was born, we decided that we would offer the most effective laser treatments as a medical spa in Austin and in central Texas. We wanted to accomplish our goal along with using the most advanced equipment and technological medical procedures in the industry. In order to achieve this goal, we continually monitor the local market so we retain the most competitive prices in Austin, Texas. We are very proud of our commitment to only offer our customers the safest, most updated cosmetic methods and treatments at an affordable price. We stand behind the effectiveness of our cosmetic treatments and offer our clients a cozy and convenient North Central Austin to get you on your way to a smoother, silkier, sexier you in no time.

Our Laser treatment services are available to both men and women with all skin types and skin tones. We use cutting edge, fully FDA approved cosmetic treatment technology to safely and effectively perform a variety of hair removal, cosmetic and skin treatment procedures.  Amore Laser of Austin uses state of the art technology by Candela which targets the follicles of the hair which causes the hair to fall out without damaging the surrounding skin surface areas.

Our Customer Service Satisfaction Guarantee

We invite you to stop by Amore Laser of Austin, our medical spa, to see the variety of quality cosmetic services we offer. You could even speak to our certified staff who can assist in establishing a treatment package that works best for you. We are committed to customer satisfaction as we continually strive to be the best MedSpa and laser hair removal Austin, Texas. Call us today at 512-291-4247 or stop by and visit our professional technicians and beautiful facility for a free consultation.

Amore Laser Reviews: Amore Laser Yelp Reviews, Amore Laser City Search Reviews and Google Reviews for Amore Laser. Quality skin care products, our effective laser hair removal treatments and our quaint, cozy and convenient Medspa in Austin.  If you are searching for a locally owned, Austin based medical spa that offers, laser hair removal, skin, body and health treatment options and many other  or cosmetic procedures, look no further.

  • This location is in a gallery of salons (like a big office building with individual salons) but privacy is ensured with blockout curtains. All the equipment is very new and clean. Numbing cream is provided, and strong goggles that actually block out the light. I greatly preferred my experience here to the photofacial at a downtown salon, where it was just as expensive but the process seemed designed to keep customers returning more than necessary.

    A Google User
  • I was looking for a clinic closer to my home and this place came highly recommended from a friend.  I have gone for my first session recently.  I thought the decor was comfortable and tasteful.  I was greeted by the front staff as well as the owner.

    My consultation was thorough and informative.  I learned more from the staff here than I did at the previous business.

    I have had several treated areas in the past with much success in either no hair growth or a large reduction.  I have decided to receive treatments on my upper and lower legs and expect a substantial reduction.

    I look forward to the results from my first session.  Taylor was wonderful to talk to during my treatment and was very knowledgeable and personable.  I appreciate it when someone is professional and friendly as I am sitting there with some of my clothes off!  I look forward to continuing my treatments with Amore Laser and recommending them to my friends.

    Lauren D.
  • Purchased my original 6 sessions via a very reasonably priced groupon and am very satisfied with my results. So quick and easy and I find that most of the girls are easy to talk to. Because of my busy schedule I haven’t been Able to keep to one technician and have been moved around a bit and although some technicians were better and more thorough than others, I have never had a truly negative experience there. After having such great results with my bikini line, I have purchased another six sessions for my reverse bikini (the managers were super accommodating  about working with me to build a perfect blend between my hairless bikini line and my work-in-progress reverse).  My only advice is to be patient with the results, hair reduction doesn’t happen over night and I have had better results on one laser machine than the other.

    Charlsie "Char" D.
  • Adding another review because I just love this place. I just finished my 6 treatments of bikini hair removal and LOVED it – which says something when you’re getting zapped in sensitive places. 😉 My treatment has absolutely worked – I felt sort of silly shaving again before this last visit because there was next to nothing to shave. I’ve had (I think) all of their technicians and all of them are thorough and so friendly. I just bought one of their specials for my husband to get the back of his neck done. I’ll always recommend Amore Laser and go there for any laser hair or tattoo removal needs.

    Emily "An Oenophilia" R.
  • I got married this past weekend, and a few months before I decided that I wanted to try laser hair removal. Amore Laser is in my local neighborhood in Austin, TX so I went in for pricing. The woman who helped me was very friendly, and offered me a beverage while I waited. I got my leg hair removed, and was given very particular directions has to how often to hydrate my legs, and it worked perfectly! My legs are baby bottom smooth and I cannot thank Amore Laser and the staff enough.

    Kara Schnulle
  • The laser used here is much better than my experience with IPL laser at another place I wish I did not pay for. Taylor always does a great job for me. Only 4th session w/ bikini line and the results are awesome. Definitely worth the price!!

    Emily S.
  • I’m in my 10th month of a 12 month unlimited package. There are various package options which all cover different body parts for an unlimited number of times. This enables you to customize the best package for you. I have had an extremely positive experience. Over the 10 months I have seen high turnover among the technicians, but it feels as if they’ve all received the same training and from a customer experience, the service levels have been consistent. Everyone has been very polite & friendly. The rooms are clean, they are always on schedule and the appointments are efficient. Despite being a regular, they remind me about the rules before & after every appointment to ensure I won’t damage my skin (no working out or hot showers within x hours, no sun exposure within x days, etc). I have not had a single problem. I appreciate the reminders because it is easy to forget, particularly because something may be more relevant in summer vs winter.

    Schedule your next appointment before leaving the office after each appointment. They are very busy & it’s hard to get them on the phone sometimes.

    Think about when you are starting a treatment & how much sun that body part will get during that time of year. For example, I’m in a bathing suit most of the summer so I found it difficult not to have any sun exposure on my bikini line for 2 weeks (underarms however were no problem).

    FOLLOW their instructions!

    Every person’s body has different sensitive zones. Be sure to communicate where are yours before every appointment. With so many clients, they don’t remember, where the laser is more painful for me. Before each appointment I’d point out my sensitive areas (eg, outside of my upper leg is extremely sensitive). This helped them alter their service (eg, slowed down in that area or would reduce the intensity) to improve my experience.

    Call them to see if there are any current specials, there’s always something!

  • Love this place!  It hurts but it really works and I love that I am able to get in and out in 15 minutes!

    Felice D.
  • I love Sara at Amore Laser. They are all great there. The hair removal is virtually pain free.

  • Had a small area ( under arms ) treated and after the 1st treatment, I noticed a big difference in the amount of hair. After a 2 more treatments, I was totally impressed with the little baby left! I completed my last of 6 treatments and now I have just light stray hairs every so often.  This is amazing!  I’d recommend to anyone who inquires about laser hair removal.  It works.  I had Svetlana as my tech and she was fast and efficient.  Awesome experience…. booking my  next area soon!

    Riccilyn L.
  • The ladies at Amore have always been very nice, efficient, and on time. I have gotten pretty good results results after the first 4 treatments (with 2 treatments left). I just purchased another package of 6 treatments to start on a new area. There are almost always Groupons available which decreases the cost substantially.

    India C.
  • I purchased the 6 session Groupon for the bikini line area.  From the set up of my appointments and discussion of what to expect, I felt comfortable with the staff.  The facilities are always clean and Susan (owner) was always so sweet and helpful.

    Megan G was my technician and I loved her! The process is very painful, but she always did her best to be quick and efficient while still being gentle.  And she just has an awesome attitude and smile.

    It does really require more than 6 sessions to complete the process properly and if i were not moving away, I would have bought 3 more sessions.  Maybe a Groupon can be offered for that amount next time instead. 🙂

    Julie R.
  • Great place…Susan, Taylor, and the other technician (can’t remember her name ;( are very courteous, professional, and accommodating.  Service, booking, time spent on treatments, etc are all efficient and top-notch.  Be sure and call BEFORE purchasing the Groupon and they will give you the Groupon price without having to go through Groupon.  That way, Amore does not have to split the proceeds with Groupon.  I have been there 3 times and every time was excellent.  Highly recommend them!

    Britt T.
  • Like so many others, I got a 6 session package through Groupon and used it for my underarms. Six treatments was enough, and I love not having to shave! I had no problems making appointments, rescheduling, or being reminded of my appointments. They were very forgiving the time I completely forgot. Oops!

    The facilities are clean and well cared for, although not super stylish. Parking is a bit odd – 4 skinny spots directly in front of their building, but I usually had the first appointment of the day, so no competition.

    It does sting! On the other hand, you can console yourself with donuts from Shipley’s right next door afterwards.

    Do remember that it works poorly on blond or grey hairs, so if you have a mixture of light and dark in any area, those light hairs are going to be with you.

    Cindy B.
  • I purchased six sessions of laser removal treatments from Groupon and I didn’t miss any sessions since the first treatment. Amore makes my next appointment after the treatment and reminds me through email and phone calls prior to the treatment. Moreover, Amore opens on Saturdays and it’s been no problem scheduling my appointment every six weeks for the consecutive six treatments. As for the laser treatment, Megan provides great service!! She is so sweet and very nice. I don’t feel very much pain or discomfort during the treatment (Brazillian). I really recommend Amore Laser!

    Emma G.
  • I’ve had 2 treatments on my under arms & 1 brazillian. I’ve been working with Gladys. Amazing tech, very professional, informative and friendly. I love the results I saw after the first treatment on my under arms. Excited to see the final outcome after my 6 treatments are done. I was involved in an accident that left a scar on my right cheek & will be seeing them for scar treatments & also look forward to that. Keep the good work up guys. I’m a completely satisfied customer!

    elizabeth coronado
  • I got a groupon for a medium area (underarms). After one session, I knew I wanted more. I ended up getting a package for the Brazilian as well. Susan, the owner, gave me a price quote and I was able to talk her down a little. Sarah is my technician, and she is amazing. Yes, it does hurt. But Sarah makes sure to be fast and efficient. I do not have to shave, or very very rarely, like once a month.

    The groupon was for 1 year or 6 sessions. Unfortunately, 6 sessions is not enough for most people. I ended up buying 3 more sessions for each area. But it is so worth it.

    These ladies are professional and quick, and it makes it a little easier to bare all on their chairs.

    Jennifer M.
  • The place is very neat, they’re super organized so you’re in and out, and they’re always very friendly and flexible when you need to reschedule. I love this place!

    Natalie V.
  • I had my brazilian area and upper lip done at Amore Laser and have seen fantastic results after the 6 sessions.  I always get the appointment time I request, and if I show up 10 minutes early, they see me early!  The technicians are very sweet women and you make you feel extremely comfortable (given the areas they are zapping!).  The office is extremely clean.  I couldn’t recommend Amore Laser more to anyone interested in laser hair removal to visit this company!
    My one teeny, tiny complaint is the tipping.  I do not think it is appropriate to have tip envelopes.  Pay the staff more instead of asking for tips!

  • I have been a supplier to Amore Laser for about and a half and decided to try one of thier services. As a guy I was a little hesitate but I have to tell you that it was painless and their staff really makes you feel comfortable during the treatment. It’s been serveral weeks and I already see the spots where there is no hair growth! In addition to thier service and price they new location is top notch!

    A Google User
  • I’ve had various areas treated here over the last 6 months and so far I love my results! The technicians and front office staff are very professional and courteous and make the whole experience enjoyable. Also, when I added an area to my service (original area was covered by a Groupon), the manager on duty gave me discount pricing from a Living Social deal that had just expired – without me even asking. Very cool.

    Jessica H.
  • I originally purchased the 6 session Living Social for a medium area.  From the set up of my appointments and discussion of what to expect, I felt comfortable with the staff.  The facilities are always clean and Susan (owner) was always so sweet and helpful.

    I have since purchased packages directly from Amore because they are just that good there. Sara my technician is always friendlly, competent and gentle.

    Erica S.
  • I’m appalled at the folks on here griping about tipping beauty professionals!! Here are some facts from someone in the industry: People in the beauty industry DEPEND on tips! IF a person is LUCKY ENOUGH to receive an hourly wage, most places in Austin pay around $9 an hour OR LESS!!!! The majority get a small percentage of the cost of the service they perform. Most start around 20%. Keep in mind they aren’t typically doing a service every hour! PEOPLE if you can afford an expensive treatment like laser hair removal, you can afford a 20% tip!!!

    Lauren E.
  • So, I’ve always wanted laser hair removal and one day while perusing the groupon site I came across a great deal for Amore.  I figured I’d give them a shot and see how effective the treatments were.  They are a quaint little joint located right next to Shipley’s Donuts on Anderson.

    The front office and waiting area is very small.  Even so, I had a very pleasant experience. After filling out paperwork I was taken back by Lisa.  She was very informative and really nice.  Mindy later came and gave me my first treatment.  The laser feels like a hot rubber band snap.  Not too bad.  I jumped every time. Not really due to pain, just more of a reaction.  One down, five more to go.  Due to my skin type/color, I may need even more. We shall see.

    Mindy was careful to explain my procedure and she showed me a very nice option for sunblock with a foundation base.  And although I liked the sunblock I just couldn’t afford $51 a bottle.  So, I’ll have to hunt around for something that is effective for protecting my skin.

    They were very kind and I had no troubles setting up my next appt.  I can’t wait to see how my skin looks afterward.  The best part is that they are very affordable.

    Angelica "Angie" S.
  • Great place. The staff are so friendly. Susan at the front desk is so very sweet and very knowledgeably about the procedures.  I’m in my second treatment of the laser hair removal and I’m starting to see a difference. Since I’m a guy my hair is more thick than a women so I am seeing my changes slowly but it is definitely working. Its also to me, very painless. I have 9 tattoos and get waxed regularly so this is a piece of cake compared to those. Definitely loving this and would like to do more in the future…Oh and great with prices. Susan is very good with helping you find the best price that will fit for you.Great place.

    Kevin N.
  • I am very impressed with Amore Laser. They have the perfect balance of “doctor’s office” and “spa” going on inside. The pleasant atmosphere coupled with the staff makes coming here a treat! I bought a 6-treatment groupon with them to give them a shot, and I can definitely say I’ll be using them in the future for any other hair removal needs. Their machines are also the “new” ones with the cool touch on them – trust me, it makes ALL the difference in the world to have these machines! Lastly, I love their appointment process. You get email confirmations when you book, and email reminder a week or so in advance and then a call the day before to check in on you. I’ve always had morning appointments and they’re always on time and fast. LOVE them.

  • I had several sessions of laser hair removal at Amore.  The environment is clean, nice, and relaxing, but I have to echo other reviews about the somewhat lack of privacy: the partition walls between chambers is about 6″ short of the ceiling, so conversation in one room can be heard in another room unless one REALLY keeps one’s voice down to a whisper.  Given the… delicate, nature of some procedures, complete privacy would make clients more at ease.  This is the reason for my four stars rating, which would have bee five stars otherwise.

    The appointment making and notification procedure works well and timely.

    The receptionist is pleasant (and cute! 🙂 ).

    Anna N.
  • The laser hair removal treatments I received at Amore Laser were great. The staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. They were able to book me with the same technician so the process was smooth. I would recommend Amore for your next laser hair removal treatment!

    Liz Hood
  • I bought a Groupon that included 6 sessions each for the bikini area. When I first visited the facility Susan the Manager treated us with respect and provided plenty of useful information. Also she asigned the same technician for all treatments (depending on the schedule), which is really nice.

    The facility atmosphere is fab, love the decor and most importanly how clean everything is. I really recommend everyone that is looking to use laser hair removal to give Amore Laser a shot. The technicians are awesome and they will work with you depending on your level of tolerance.

    GO check it out, you will love it.

    Yanelys T.
  • Went in for a consultation and loved the staff. They were warm and informative. I have had many procedures at other places but by far, this environment was the most inviting. I ended booking more appointments. Thank you, Amore Laser!

    Marissa S.
  • This is my first time to have laser procedure done and the entire staff was very welcoming and friendly making it a wonderful experience.  Very clean facility and they get you in and out efficiently.

    Jody K.
  • I like this place, good prices, clean. I’ve been doing laser hair removal and it has been working. They start out on a lower setting and gradually increase the power so you don’t get burnt. It hurts for a second and then goes away. Laser hair removal has not been as painful as waxing. The staff is polite and professional.

    Holly L.
  • This was my first experience and was a little nervous. The staff made me feel quite welcome and very comfortable. I received a lovely chemical peel and a bit of waxing and I will be back the next time I’m in Austin – Thank you!

    Sara Baker
  • The staff is very kind and the lasers work!

    Debbie R.
  • The staff are very nice and helpful.  I purchased 6 laser hair removal sessions for a large area.  The price is good and the location is convenient.

  • Susan is a gem! Great consultations and advice. I had several different types of treatments and have had good results. Easy to book with, easy to work with. Highly recommend them!

    Linda S.
  • Love this place and all of it’s technicians! Susan, the owner, is wonderful and always willing to work with you and accommodate. Her staff is so personable and lovely as well. All 4 technicians that I’ve gone to, including my latest, Sarah, have all been so likable and easy to talk to. They have all also been very knowledge about their work and can offer answers to any of your questions. I’ve been going to these types of salons for years and I can truthfully say this is the best place that I’ve gone…hands down.

    Rebal C.
  • I was given Amore Laser for a Christmas present.  The information and professional service was more than anything I expected.  I’ve decided to do more removal and this is the place I’ll go.  Susan keeps prices reasonable and helps choose the best package for your needs.

    Jef S.
  • I have been going to Amore for around a year for laser hair removal. They are fast, always on time, and friendly. It is way less expensive than other places I priced around town. After two sessions I noticed a significant difference, so the lasers evidently work well.

    Ariel G.
  • Out of college, my first job was at a laser hair removal company. I worked there for 2 years and ironically, they have locations here in Texas. I did not go with them (American Laser Skincare formerly known as American Laser Centers) because I did not like the way the business was run (by a bunch of coke head owners which I later found out after I quit) and they treated their employees terrible.

    By deciding to FINALLY do laser hair removal treatments, I wanted to do a little bit of research. I found Amore Laser and then I actually found a Group On! I was super pumped.

    I had no problem making an appointment and they did not question the Group On at all. In fact, they were excited to hear that I learned about their company through Yelp AND Group On.

    I met with a consultant and we discussed everything about laser hair removal. The consultation was quick because after working for one for 2 years, I already knew all of the information there was to know.

    I just had my 3rd treatment done on my bikini line and I can already start to see results! I am kicking myself for not having this done earlier.

    I will be very honest though and say laser hair removal is NOT for the faint of heart. The first and second treatments were not that bad, but the 3rd one (they used the Yag laser which I do not recommend……) I wanted to punch someone in the face! It hurt like a *#&%*#&%#.

    My technician is Sarah and she’s fantastic. She’s been doing LHR for a while and would recommend her, and Amore Laser, to anyone looking to have LHR done.

    Dawn "Smallies" S.c
  • After  trying another local laser hair removal place in Austin I decided to try Amore Laser with a special offer they had for my back and nape of neck and couldn’t be happier! They were the lowest cost I have found and have seen great results!Their facility is small but decorated very nice and is convenient for me. I would recommend giving them a try.

    Daniel H.
  • Very good service and polite staff. I thought they would have offered before and after photos though to see the final results. It was all good though, with that minor exception. I would just advise people to do that on their own in this case.

    Becky R.
  • Kristin and Susan are great. They take the time to get to know you and really listen to what you have to say about your body. I originally bought a Groupon for this place, but recently bought another package directly from them. It’s a great location and they are professional people there. However, I’m not sure how their laser compares to other lasers. Regardless, for the price and service, I’m coming back.

    Camille W.
  • I turned to Amore Laser to get some unwanted hair removed. I felt the staff was friendly, knowledgeable and took the time to explain all options. The facility was clean and nice. I looked around and Amore is very competitively priced. So far everything is going good and I love my smooth new skin (and so does my husband!)

    Mlboxlist Johnson
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